John Raymond Barker


Short films.  Mockumentary. Film Noir. John has been acting in all kinds of film projects.

The movie theater above is primarily the photography of Jake Hills

The Dramatic Reel below includes footage from my Guest Star appearance on Law & Order: SVU. You may also visit the following page



For my work on animated short films, please visit the following page


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About Me

as a film actor

Represented by Across the Board Talent, John Raymond Barker is based in NYC where he recently became SAG-AFTRA Eligible because of his network television debut guest starring on Law & Order: SVU. A Master of Fine Arts graduate from the University of Houston School of Theatre and a proud member of Actors’ Equity, John’s film work has been in short films playing a range of characters and working with young directors in various stages of their post-graduate careers. 

NSA Interviews

Dramatic Mockumentary

I love improvisation, and this film let me work on it in a dramatic way, which asks of an actor to be completely open and genuine.

Bigger Than Fiction

Homage to Film Noir

This was fun to do and resulted in some really fun footage for my reel.


Comedic Mockumentary

It was fun being given free reign to come up with awful things this character might say. I took great pride in making the crew bust out laughing, particularly as I was parodying their world.

Coming Out

Interpreted an email conversation for a documentary

The director had interviewed anonymously by email men who used Craigslist to date/sleep with men. He tried using actors to recreate these as discreet interviews on/off camera. The idea didn't end up in the final cut, but he was very kind to let me use the footage.  

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Comedic Reel (1:33)

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Dramatic Reel (1:58)

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(Comedic Mockumentary 1:05)

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NSA Interviews

(Dramatic Mockumentary 0:27)

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Bigger Than Fiction

(Film Noir 0:47)

Play Video

Coming Out

(interpreting an email for a documentary 0:45)

For ProfessionaL Inquiries

I am represented by Across The Board Talent for all work in Film, Television, Theatre, and Commercials. Please contact my agents if you are interested in auditioning or booking me for any of these types of work.

Todd M Eskin – Theatre:
Robert Miller Jr – Theatre:
Armand Vaughn – Television/Film:
Frankie Fronte – Commercials:
917-397-0282 | 323-761-0282

For all other inquiries, please visit the contact page.

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A Dream Come True: My Week
Guest Starring on Law & Order: SVU

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