Guest Judge at Cabaret Showdown

On Sunday, March 16, 2014, from 7PM – 9PM, I will be appearing as a guest judge at Cabaret Showdown, a competition I won in September 2012. This is an incredibly fun game show to watch (or participate–see below).

Host: Mark McDaniels
Accompanist: Assaf Gleizner
Judges: Donald Garverick, John Raymond Barker & Brandon Cutrell
Featuring Diana Byrne as “DiVanna”

Contestants: Bay Bryan, Nichole Ferrera, Hannah Marks, Philip Markle, Ashley Menard, David Roman, Thomas Santangelo, Marah VanBeekom, Artem Yatsunov

Under St. Marks Theatre
94 St. Marks Place
$12 at the door (Includes one free drink)
Pre-order your tickets at or TDF


The winner receives FREE one hour booking at Under St. Marks for their very own show to be performed the following month immediately before the next Cabaret Showdown. To register please send your name and interest to

For more information (Including Rules) visit our Official

Facebook Page:

@CabaretShowdown on Twitter

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