Musician, Composer, Lyricist, Parodist, Performance Artist, Pop/Rock Artist, Etc.

Pop/Rock. Cabaret. Musical Theatre. Rap.

Parody. Activism. A Christmas album. A Halloween camp song.

Therapy (bar). The Duplex. The historic Stonewall Inn.  Several bars that no longer exist in NYC.

Welcome to the most diverse area of John’s work where he plays and experiments as the Muse beckons.

The above image has been created by combining many royalty-free/Creative Commons 0 elements with photos from my personal collection and the photography of unsplash-logoAlps Patel


Bound For Broadway (TX)

Hello & Goodbye (Houston)

Jerby: Fully Loaded

The Duplex - NYC

Danny's Skylight Room - NYC (RIP)

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"Trouble/Burning Up"
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"If Love Were All"
from Jerby: Fully Loaded
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"All I Wanna Do (Is Make Live You)"
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Sullivan's (Houston) with Omari Tau & Friends

A Very Jerby Christmas - The Duplex

Highlights of A Very Jerby Christmas
2010's A Lady Gaga Christmas Medley
Brother Barker on Starbucks is GAY and the Worst Christmas Pageant Ever

The Lady Gaga Christmas Spectacular - The West End

When The Shenanigans Begin Again

Album cover for Our First Christmas Together

Debut Album

Our First Christmas Together

About Me

as a musician & cabaret artist

This is the definitive “make your own work” section. John showcases his music on YouTube and around NYC, including a few years in a monthly gig at the legendary Stonewall Inn in Lavinia Draper’s show. His song, “Vampire Drag Queen”, can be bought on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and other online music stores, and last December, he released his debut album, Our First Christmas Together. He has performed and hosted all over the NYC bar/cabaret scene and was a popular contestant in Stonewall Sensation 11. Please contact him if you would like to book him for your club or event.

Music Videos

Original Songs & Parodies

Jerby With A "Y"

Art/Promo Photos for Jerby With A "Y"
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Beneath A/"I Hope I Get It"
from Jerby With a Y
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Sex & the Gaiety
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The Bigot's Guide to the Homosexual Lifestyle
from Jerby With a Y
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"The Origin of Love"
from Jerby With a Y
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Me & the Ghostlight/"My Unknown Someone"
from Jerby With a Y
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Gossip/"My Prerogative/It's None of Your Business"
from Jerby With a Y
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Family/"Just A Man"
from Jerby With a Y
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"Dear Mr. President"
from Jerby With a Y
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"I Don't Remember Christmas"
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"Chains of Love"

Under St. Marks

from Under St. Marks
"Marry The Night"
"I Wanna Be Around"
"Suddenly Seymour"

The Sensations - The Duplex

Live At The Kraine

Stonewall Inn Live Performances

Vampire Drag Queen - the pop cabaret
"Does Your Mama Know About Me?" from Stonewall Sensation 11
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"Creep/Someone Like You"
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"I Could Fall in Love/No One" from a Stonewall Sensation 11 rehearsal
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"Jealous of My Boogie Oogie Oogie"
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"A Lady Gaga Christmas Medley 2011"

Other Places

hosting and singing at Vlada (RIP)
at Vlada (RIP)
from performing with Susan Campanaro at Cupping Room Cafe
at Cupping Room Cafe
"It Had to Be You" with Susan Campanaro at Cupping Room Cafe
Performance of "Just A Man" by Jim Knable
Play Video
"Just a Man" at Banjo Jim's (RIP)
"Our First Christmas Together" (acoustic) at Cabaret Showdown's All-Star Showcase
"O Holy Night" (acoustic) at Cabaret Showdown's All-Star Showcase

For ProfessionaL Inquiries

I am represented by Across The Board Talent for all work in Film, Television, Theatre, and Commercials. Please contact my agents if you are interested in auditioning or booking me for any of these types of work.

Todd M Eskin – Theatre:
Robert Miller Jr – Theatre:
Armand Vaughn – Television/Film:
Frankie Fronte – Commercials:
917-397-0282 | 323-761-0282

For all other inquiries, please visit the contact page.

Click the  resume for a PDF of my resume.

Click the headshot for a PNG 

Visit Press for more options.

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