Review for Madame Bovary

“John Raymond Barker as a Priest sang and acted well as did the other members of the cast who played various servants and townspeople: Alison Novelli, Mia Rose Spackman and Carl G. Zurhorst.”
Joel Benjamin,

Reviews for John’s cabarets, Jerby: Fully Loaded & Jerby With a “Y”

“an iconoclastic wild man…a fearless performer who takes chances and sends out zingers, but aims even more arrows at himself…a force to be reckoned with …”
Rob Lester, Talkin’ Broadway

“Foul-mouthed, indecent, immoral and ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!”
Emmy & Tony Award-winner Cherry Jones

“When he’s vulnerable he brings out the vulnerability in all of us. Only his sounds much better!”
Tony Award-winner Brían F. O’Byrne

“I had a ball and busted a gut…priceless and not to be missed!”
Tony Award-nominee Heather Goldenhersh

“With impeccable comic timing, he’ll wrap up Broadway, rock and rap into a ball of bawdiness and then whack you with a left hook of pathos and relevance while you’re distracted.”
Michael Baker,


Reviews for The Devil’s Disciple at the Alley Theatre

“…makes an amusing lout of Chris, Dick’s foolish younger brother.”
Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle

“…was quite funny as Dick’s younger brother, Christopher.”
Holly Hildebrand, Back Stage West

Reviews for Shakespeare’s R&J at Stages Repertory Theatre

“…best in his flashy turns as the outspoken and witty Mercutio.”
Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle

“My enjoyment was due in no small part to the energetic and passionate actors…Barker is especially good with Mercutio’s death speech…”
Holly Hildebrand, Back Stage West

“…steals the scene as Juliet’s mother, with body language and facial expressions perfectly suited to the part…”
Kathleen Ballanfant, Village News

“a sharp-tongued Mercutio…”
D.L. Groover, Houston Voice

“…quite good and takes great command of the stage.”
Joey Berner, Houston’s Other

“Brian Byrne’s fight choreography is exquisite and the actors are impressively controlled in these intense scenes.”
Star Telegram

Review for What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? at Theatre Under The Stars

“…makes the most of her small role, as does John Raymond Barker in a comic turn as a mailman…”
Holly Hildebrand, Theatremania

Review for Grand Hotel at the 5th Avenue Musical Theatre Company

“As with any great cast there are several players who work the hardest and get the least attention. But without them the show wouldn’t have the impact it does. So my hat is off, with many kudos to these first-rate cast members: John Raymond Barker…”
Mark Finley, Seattle Gay News

Review for Runaways at Masquerade Theatre

“…is at times heartbreaking (during “Current Events”) and funny (during a mock rock concert) as Eddie.”
Joey Guerra, The Daily Cougar

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