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www.dpheadshots.com ©Dylan Patrick Photography Inc.John Raymond Barker is an actor, singer, writer, director, and voice over artist living in NYC. A Master of Fine Arts graduate from the University of Houston School of Theatre, John’s voice over and radio credits include playing the lead in the animated short Outside Hearing In, the voice of Siriano in the YouTube short, Fierce iPhone4S Update, Jeremy Kuritomi (narrator) in Chapter 6 of Jim Knable’s Sons of Dionysus, a singing phone sex operator, among other characters, in Lee Feldman’s Greene on WNYC, an appearance on The Joey Reynolds Show, and all the voices in Broadway Zombie. John trained with Charles Michel of The Winning Voice and is in the talent pool of The Voice Bank. His voice over program recording and production was done by Chip Fabrizi at P.P.I. Recording, Inc. John is comfortable working in a variety of accents, most commonly Standard American, Texan, Southern, New York, & British. He just released his debut album, Our First Christmas Together, in which he plays all voices, sung and spoken.

John plays the leading character as he narrates this chapter of Jim Knable’s Sons of Dionysus:

Click image to hear Chapter 6 of Sons of Dionysus

Commercial Program:



In the funny, animated short, Broadway Zombie, John plays all of the voices:


In Fierce iPhone4S Update, John plays a very different take on the voice of one’s smart phone:

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